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2004-08-22 - 12:44 p.m.

And now, it's over. Things are closed down, the people are spreading out to wherever it is they belong. The rest of the day stretches before me like a bad hangover and I'm so dry right now that despite the humidity I feel like I could burst into flames.

I'm just going to come out and say it, DC is gay. It's gayer than San Francisco. It's quite possibly the gayest place I've ever been too. Maybe it's just the region we find ourselves in, but really. Gay, Gay, GAY. I keep expecting to run into Margaret Cho or perhaps Melissa Ethridge campaigning for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Despite it being the nations capitol, there seems to be a lack of political agenda. But that could just be because EVERYONE IS GAY.

I'm worn out from the weekend. Completely worn out. And I have many hours of travel before me and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm flying America West which I'm sure is fine, but also, I have no pull with them. No miles, no history, nothing. And so it's steerage for hours with no end in sight.

My thoughts, on the Con, aside from it's Rainbow Warriorness in an abreviated list because I've suddenly lost the will to live, let alone type about it constructivley, and no doubt this same method of communication will be repeated ad nauseum amongst all the various attendees:

  • This hotel used to be a Howard Johnsons. It's come along way. And it explains why it try's to hard.
  • Actually, that's all your getting. because, I've just had a toothpick stuck in me and it looks like I'm done.

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