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2004-09-06 - 8:44 p.m.

I have given away my long weekend to the illness that befell me Saturday evening.

And I am PISSED OFF about it.

Not that I can do anything. I tried railing at the heavens but that didn't even make me feel better and agravated my throat a little bit more.

Stupid railing. It never does any good.

So I've been sleeping and missing out on all the fun this weekend. This weekend where I found myself with plans and things to do other than sit around and feel sorry for myself. I missed out on the fights. On being a drag queen at the ball game, at a party Saturday night. I missed out on actually enjoying my long weekend. I just plain missed out.

I should try and find someone to pay for this, but really, I can't seem to find anyone. I can't even find the person who gave me this damn head cold. Because I would make him/her pay. And pay dearly.

Instead I'll just stew in my bitterness and eat some more aspirin and try not to let it consume me.

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