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2004-11-22 - 4:09 p.m.

I have the worst heartburn. I drank some milk and also took some antacids but it's really doing very little to help. Aside from mainlining Tums, I've not done much in containing it, although I'm sure that once work is over it will go away. Or at least I'll relax enough to not worry about it.

My mother thinks it is from too much coffee, while I'm sure my friend Wendy will say it's from not drinking enough juice. Of course, my mother blames all of my health related issues on too much coffee while Wendy prescribes juice for everything, I imagine she would recomend it for erectile dysfunction.

Aside from the burping up stomach acid ever few minutes today has been one of those Mondays that seem, on the surface, to be going smoothly. Those are the worst Monday's because inevitably something so horrendously wrong happens that hari kari seems like an option. Right now I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Pessimism in action. Perhaps that is my superpower, I am always prepared for the worst using the power of Pessimism! Along with my sidekick and ward Sullen Boy we fight the Optimystics, a secret society of fortune tellers and meddlers who are dedicated to change. And petty crime. I imagine we would be similar to Batman with gadgets that get us out of the silly scrapes we find ourselves in because, like the Boy Scouts, we are always prepared.

I have employees to manage. I hear some laughter and that just will not do.

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