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2004-11-19 - 7:49 a.m.

The fog was so thick last night that I couldn't see anything past the headlights. Which is strange, because I didn't think that Ogden, or Utah in general, had foggy nights like this last one. And then, this morning, the fog was all gone, and I didn't even have ice on my car.

Weather is strange.

This morning I stopped in at Sam's Club because I needed to get some coffee creamer. It was some sort of special event as they had treats and painfully thin women in black forcing Christmas Spirit all over the business club member shoppers. I sipped some nog and listened to the spiel for as long as I could, but really, I could not face that kind of cheer that early in the morning. 7am is not the time, and Sam's Club in Layton, is not the place, to spring that on people. Although some of the people were just lapping it up, calling friends and relatives on cell phones. As if a 2oz cup of egg nog and a mini croiscant would be worth driving all the way down for. And to even get at it, you need to chat it up with the anorexic twins trying to push catering on you. I "forgot" to sign the little clipboard saying that I was there, and went to get my creamer. On the way out they cheerfully reminded me about the catering trays again, thrusting a pamphlet at me with a Ferrer Rocher candy and a wink, as if we were in cohoots about cheese trays. I wish I could go back at 10, when the regular members arrive, and see how that forced happiness has worn on them, to see if a morning of people like me has taken a bit of that shine off. Then maybe, I'd be interested to discuss lavosh trays and vegetable dips. I much prefer the people I deal with to be jaded and cynical. It puts us on an even footing.

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