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2004-11-18 - 1:17 p.m.

I'm wearing an interesting pair of pants. Normally I prefer something baggy and comfortable. However, these Gap khakis that I have on look pretty good. Until I sit down. And suddenly you can tell which way I dress (Left, if you were keeping track at home) and also underwear type. (again, for those keeping track at home, boxers) I've been doing a lot of standing.

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, which is going to either be a good thing or a bad thing. It's been a very messed up week and I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I might go to my parents so I can curl up in front of a fire and sip tea and catch up on my reading. Or maybe I'll purchase a faux fireplace with a gas log in it so I can do the same in my loft. Except I don't see that being relaxing. No doubt my weekend will not be low key and liesurly, but I'm holding out hope. There are meetings and work that always conspire against me truly relaxing, but we shall see. I think I also have a party to attend, and the inevitable get all the things I put off during the week done.

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