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2004-12-07 - 9:14 a.m.

It's a blustery, will it snow? kind of day. I can't see the mountains through the haze. I have yet to turn on the office lights, prefering the dark ambient lighting from the Christmas decorations to the unforgiving flourescents.

It's also still very cold. I had left a bottle of Grape Juice in the car overnight and it sort of froze into a slushy all natural treat. It was very good, and while cold, refreshing. It reminded me of the Coke machine that used to be in my father's bodyshop, an old top loader that held bottles and whenever we were very good we could grab one from the cooler. The machine kept the bottles so cold they would ice up when you took them out, frosty promises of what was inside. The Dr Pepper's would often freeze up in the neck when you twisted the cap off, and even though we were only allowed Sprite, my Uncle would always let us have that first crystal sip. For whatever reason, Sprite never froze up in the bottle. Perhaps it was the location in the machine. Or maybe it was the "Natural Flavoring" in the Dr Pepper that allegedly is Prune Juice.

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