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2005-02-05 - 12:11 p.m.

Last night my good friend Shannon tempted fate by asking the magic genie lamp about the evening. The magic genie lamp is never wrong.

I only ask it questions in dire need. I don't like to tempt fate, because fate, she is always tempted. In fact, fate is pretty much a oh what the hell go for it anyway type of gal.

However, there was fun to be had. And butterfat. So the evening was not a waste. It started off poorly and ended mildly so all is well. Or rather, today it is. I was snubbed by a resturaunt and was in a really pissy mood. Because I don't get over things like that very well. I think I was more angry because they made me walk out after waiting for someone to come and take my order for 20 minutes. We were pointedly ignored. Shannon felt it was because she was wearing a ringer t-shirt, but I think that's ridiculous. There was no dress code. A family of three was wearing ugly Patagonia wear, more suitable for a walking trek through the woods and they had food, drinks, the bill. I don't know why we were snubbed, but my mother knows the wife of the chef, and was in a book club with the wife of the owner. So, I'm going to find out.

And also, drive them out of business.

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