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2005-03-02 - 10:17 p.m.

I'm currently listening to a remix of Mr. Brightsides on loop because it makes me happy. It's very mellow, and while in the same playlist as all my Happy Hardcore songs, it's just a different song altogether. I really need to put the rest of my dance and trance cd's onto my iPod. Mr. Brightsides always makes me happy, regardless of customers, fauxndice, or the fact that I have yet to pack and I'm taking a redeye flight to the city of WKRP and then transfering to a prop plane in order to get to Green Bay tomorrow night. I used to break out L'Amour Toujours as a pick me up. There's something about a song that is just, so, I don't know, craptacular. One of the greatest things about the iPod is that I have this huge music collection literally at my fingertips, and can just pick it up and change my mood. If only for 3 minutes. Or more. A bubblegum collection of cheese. I onced cleaned my apartment to the Venga Boy's album. It's a completely different experience than say, Dashboard Confessional. It's frivilous and fun rather than moody and deep. It's that casio bleep. It kills me every single time. For whatever reason I've been conditioned to love the casio bleep. Perhaps it's what my parents used to condition me, and that, to get me to come back to Utah they played the correct tune into the phone and I forgot everything, dropped everything, and now find myself working late into the evening when instead I should be spending it, like the rest of America, in front of the television.

I also broke down and purchased swag this evening. My mother made me. I'm okay with that. She's going to be the one labeling them tomorrow though. It made working until 8:30 bearable.

I hate working that late. It just sucks.

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