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2005-03-04 - 5:35 a.m.

When the airlines screw you over on flights, they have it made.

Because, there is no one to yell at. There is no face to talk to that made the decision to cancel a flight. It's not the person at the gate or on the phone with the "re-issue center". They are just people doing their jobs, and I put up with enough crap from people every day that when I'm dealing with others I work especially hard at not being the evenings anecdote. Instead I want to be the person that they think, My, I wish that all the people I deal with where as understanding and accepting as this guy. Let's put him in First Class. and I can smugly sip my free cocktail while the people that bitched and threw hissy fits file back to coach.

However, I would have loved to have gone totally ballistic last night. This morning though I have perspective. And despite the royal reaming that I'm getting (cancelled flight, seat change from front of the plane aisle to rear of the plane middle, no upgrade option) I'm still getting to go hang out with people whose company I enjoy immensley, and I'm willing to put up with some travel stress so that it happens.

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