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2005-03-24 - 8:35 a.m.

I知 sitting here in my apartment listening to the rain and trying to not think about how cold my feet are. I知 also sitting here thinking, hrm, I look good. I知 typing into my laptop like some sort of literati. I imagine that this is how Ira Glass ends his days, a comparison that perhaps is not as flattering written down as it was in my head.

The rain is near torrential. Actually, it is torrential. So much so that the noise is actually penetrating into my third floor apartment, something that not even the Harley Bar across the street manages to do. Props to Mother Nature. Of course, I知 sure that Mssrs Harley and Davidson will take that as a challenge.

I spent my evening organizing papers. Which, seems like a sort of strange way to comfortably spend a Wednesday evening. I have this antique filing cabinet that I painted a cheerful shade of orange. And, because I致e been putting it off forever, I decided that tonight would be the night I put things together. And so I was lost in a sea of paperwork. And the time passed, as it is wont to do during a task. And I知 happy with the results.

Which, should bother me. It should kill me inside that I spent my evening in such a way. I think back to my High School self, who would probably be shocked that a mere 12 years later I find it comforting and fine to organize the paper trail of my life. I知 young, single, and relatively comfortable financially. The world should be my oyster! I can buy what I want, do what I want, be who I want! Which, actually, was kind of just like High School. I guess that I miss the passion that I once had. That I can see the slippery slide into old age this evening. Where faced with a plethora of choices I picked the lamest one.

And then compared myself to Ira Glass.

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