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2005-08-26 - 8:45 a.m.

My sister sent me a card from East Timor that makes little to no sense. It's wonderful. The writing reads: "Good Luck, Stoy free where no walls divide you, you're free as a roaring tide so there's no need to hide..." Yes. I've always wanted to live my live Stoying Free like the tides.

It's things like this that make her homesick. And us missing her as well. No one out there understands the humor in such things. I intend to go visit her in May. So she can show me the culture that amuses her so. I'm looking forward to that. And also to Bali where I can play granola tourist, wearing Chaco's and a sarong while I wander through the markets. It's going to be a good time.

Last night I was going to do some yoga but instead I took a friend out for dinner and watched The Amazing Race. No doubt it was as good for my mental state as the mountain pose. Probably better. I was gassy though. Ran home to an explosive decompression of my colon.

Sometimes I think I share too much.

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