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2006-03-28 - 2:21 p.m.

It seems that my body does not like this time zone hopping that I've been doing the past two days. And so it has stricken me with pain, headaches, nausia, and vomiting. Usually all at the same time.

It sucks, I much prefer the happy feel good times from yesterday.

It could also be a reaction to the sleeping pill that I took last night, or perhaps it is delayed stress. And annoyance that my Tivo was unplugged from the phone cord the entire time I was gone and thus did not record shows correctly, if at all. I will blame the dogs.

Which, speaking of, my mother had to put one down while I was away. Which is never a pleasant homecoming. She is still upset about it. I was gone, so it just isn't that real to me. Actually, with everything that is going on with my jetlag, nothing is real to me and I'm pretty much an insane bitch right now. So it goes.

It's cold, rainy, and dreary. I'm alternating between sips of Gatorade and Ginger Ale, until it hits my stomach and then it's off to the bathroom. I'm so dehyrdated right now I fear spontaneous combustion.

In addition to putting the dog down, my mother also fired the Secratary while I was away. Which, was an interesting development. It seems that, like me, she drove her absolutely bonkers. So, it's nice that despite trying to talk it out with the employees (and who said that I was just imagining things) she saw it as well and then took action. Action that I was not allowed to take.

My hands are spasming like an arthritic octegenarian trying to lift a cup of tea to his mouth. So, I'm going to stop typing now. Also, my legs hurt with the same intensity. So, I'm done with my whining.

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