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2006-06-13 - 12:08 p.m.

The roads here along the Wasatch Front are all being reworked. At the same time. Which, I think is poor planning, because there is no where to go that does not have a road torn up. Or in the vernacular here, Tore Up. It's a pain in the ass, this sudden emergence of traffic and it is reminding me of old times commuting in California. Which makes me maudlin. My good friend who I worked with at the tech company has been promoted to a high level position, which leads me to think that if I had taken in the piles of shit they were shoveling in my direction the tw of us would be in control of that company now. All orders and process would go through our respected departments and we would be feared, bribed, and worshiped. Or so it goes in my head.

This weekend I'm traveling again to California for a birthday party being given for my Aunt's 50th Birthday. I have gifts to wrap but I think I'm just going to throw them in my suitcase undone, and wrap them once I arrive. It just seems easier that way. I arrive late on Friday night so I rented a car. I'm to meet up with my siblings at an Irish Pub on Haight St. I'm looking forward to it, though the temptation to take my rental and drive off until the Amex cuts it off is very hard to fight right now. I'm all about running away from my problems. Thinking about what could have been, staying up all night worrying about why I will die alone. Not unloved, as I have friends and family for that. But alone. Of course, we all ultimatley do, I just think it would be nice to have someone to fight over my property and possesions with my family. That Lego collection, especially the Star Wars sets, is going to be worth a fortune.

Forgive the maudlin tone, I just am today.

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