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2006-06-18 - 13:39

This morning I found myself with some time so I went and picked up a new computer bag. I went with a Timbuk2 bag, one of the messengers with the laptop area. And then I bought a coordinating strap pad. And of course, the coordinating cell phone holder. And because I was there, also, the iPod case. So, I'm all coordinated now with my new bag. Life is good.

My brother-in-law and I took the Guidomobile down Union street to pick up some gifts, and I managed to sneak into Sephora where I overspent on stuff that I don't really need, but wanted, and actually felt that I deserved. It was a rough week, and it was starting to show on my skin. Although they were very limited in their Jack Black product selection, and while I was assured that they stocked the full line in the downtown location, I made out all right. I prefer to buy it at Nordstrom's anyway. Anyway we then got sandwiches and watched the US vs Italy World Cup game.

It's been very nice, and it's only been a single day. I like that I got my equilibrium back so quickly. It's nice that there is no stress with this trip, that there is no expectations placed either on myself or on others, and that we can all just be for once. Or at least that is how it is seeming in my head. It's nice having the whole family together, if only for these fleeting moments. My family's dynamic is very wonderful when we are relaxed, and it's been good to experience that outside the pressures of our home state, and the business' that we run.

Tomorrow my plan is to replace the black hoodie that I bought at Mervyn's with a Ralph Lauren one. And catch my flight home, though that is on bottom of the priority list. I might just take that drive to infinity.

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