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2006-07-20 - 2:32 p.m.

All this waiting, waiting, waiting on a house deal is still killing me.

As is the large amounts of calories, because when I get settled in that house, I want them to have to cut me out of it when I die.

It's nice to have goals, even if they are a plotline in Gilbert Grape.

Something strange happened to my favorite pair of shorts in the wash. I've had these particular shorts for a very long time, they are practically capri lenth and have elastic at the bottom. But they have shrunk very much, and now sit just below the knee, with the elastic also shrinking, so now I look like I'm in a modern update of Oliver sans bowtie and newsie cap. Also, they barely fit around the waist, though that could have more to do with all the eating I've been doing rather than a bizarre reaction between water and soup. Except, I like blaming things other than myself, so I'm going with washing machine trouble.

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