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2006-07-18 - 9:59 a.m.

A house update,

I put an offer on a home last week. Monday they countered, and I accepted the counter offer. Now, it's under contract and we move to the next stage.

I have an apointment with a home inspector set up, as well as some warranty people who want to inspect the house because of its age, and the work that was done to it by the previous owners.

The bank did not really come down on price, they merely met some concessions. But it was a fairly new listing as well as being a forclosed property, so I'm guessing that had a lot to do with their decision. And I really wanted it, which had a lot to do with mine.

Fingers crossed, I should be moving in around the 1st of August. This whole process has been nerve wracking. Well, it still is a little bit. Will they find something horrible? Will it have been a meth house and suddenly my hair is falling out? Or will there be sudden, unexplained weightloss, in which case, I'll rent out the rooms to fat people and make a fortune. Because all this stress, along with the rediscoverey of Andes mints has not been kind to my figure. Which, interestingly enough my Yahoo homepage has picked up on somehow, as they keep sending me health bulletins about how to curb emotional eating, how to control portions, how to eat out responsibly. It's saying "Watch it, Fatty!" every time I open up Mozilla.

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