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2006-07-18 - 9:18 a.m.

My cell phone keeps beeping at me, a little warning that it's dying. I'm dying, DYING! Soon it will give the three bleeps of defeat and be dead to me until I bring it back to life with power. I was going to go with a D&D reference there about resurrection but refrained. And then talked about the refrain, because sometimes, I'm not that smart.

That's actually how I spent my weekend, well, not playing D&D but rather the online equivilant. Well, EverQuest II. However, I played with friends, which is always fun. Also, I attended a wedding, then got very drunk at the reception, so there was some sort of balance. I think. I also peed in some bushes, while talking on the phone, which is a growth for me. Normally I can't talk and pee at the same time. I also flirted with a second cousin, not realizing we were related. Which, is fine for Royalty bur really, frowned on in Suburbia. It was that kind of weekend however. And in my defense, I was not aware that we were cousins, and I wasn't the only one checking her out. I was merely the most charming.

I realize that this entry is really just sinking lower and lower.

Maybe it's not an accomplishment I should be proud of.

There is just no redemption for this.

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