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2002-03-05 - 9:00 p.m.

I went and voted today. At first I was annoyed because there were only two republican voting booths, and this was white, upper middle class Pleasanton. But I got over it after most of the people in front of me, some of whom drove Mercedes Station Wagons and wore Lauren with their Dooney and Burke purses and Franco Sartos received Democrat, Independent, and even Green party ballots. Go Figure. It still took longer than I wanted, and I was late for gym class. Plus I was embarrassed to be standing there in my workout wear looking like a dork surrounded by all these soccer moms and executives. Plus the National Guardsman was way out of place.

I am rapidly getting snowed under at work. All the stress books and things say to delegate, but they kind of leave out what to do if there is no one to delegate to. It makes me tired all the time, but then when I try to sleep I lie awake just thinking about everything I didnít get finished and what the next day is going to bring. At least Iím not baking, which has been the stress buster in the past. But I canít eat any goodies I make, and itís not like Iím getting the support I need at work, so why should I reward them? Iím not. I got pulled away from an important project to help move our Foosball table out of where they are setting up some new cubes, and the whole time I was lugging the table around the sales guy helping kept telling me how important his project was and how I needed to get it done immediately. If I was a mean person I would have dropped my end of the table and gone back to work on it. But I didnít, merely acknowledged that it was my priority and I would get back to him.

Aah yes, would you like some cheese with this entry?

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