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2002-03-09 - 9:31 a.m.

I picked the scab off the dog bite last night. It was a very deep bite, and I am now scarred. I didnít actually expect anything to happen, I was merely examining it, and it itched, so I scratched and suddenly Iíve got a scab under my nail and a subatious flesh wound. It actually made me woozy.

Other than that, really nothing has been going on. Work stuff and the like. The crazy politics of space and location in the office, with everyone in flux because the higher ups keep changing the floor plan. Itís a good thing that I donít have a lot to do, because I canít get anything done. Thursday we were without a network or phone connection (for the second time) and Friday was without Internet until around 2pm. Iím taking my cousin to SF this afternoon for a swim lesson and a trip to FAO Schwartz. I think Iíll buy some shoes. I have big plans for Sunday, as I intend to hand out around the Ticketmaster booth and make fun of the people buying tickets for Brooks & Dunnís Neon Circus. Iím hoping for pure comedy.

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