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2002-03-22 - 4:33 p.m.

Iím dealing with disappointment. Iíve disappointed someone. Of course I told them to fuck off. And then out loud I agreed that I would try to work harder. I hate being the whipping boy.

I saw a car this morning that was driven, if the plethora of bumper and identification stickers on the back were to be believed, was a displaced pagan lesbian Rhode Islander of Norwegian descent that was passionately committed to saving whales, the rain forest, and vegan living who felt that I should hang up and drive. I canít imagine anyone liking this womyn. I use the feminist spelling just in case she reads this. I donít understand the need to display a political agenda on a bumper. I guess itís a pet peeve. I feel sorry for her, but she probably doesnít want that, coming from a bourgeois elitist capitol pig tool of the man etc. Oh well, there are re-runs of Ellen on TBS for her, although they are heavily subsidized by Nascar, a member of the Phillip Morris companies.

I was browsing diaryland today and I came across Marn. Who Iíve decided is the coolest Canadian ever. (Iím sorry Alanis, really I am. Donít cry. Itís all right. Youíll be fine. Okay, that rage is healthy. Iím going to be in a song arenít I.) Not that there is anything wrong with being a Canadian. I'm just saying that she is very cool.

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