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2002-06-12 - 8:57 a.m.

Iím not one of those people who obsess over their stats. Well, I am a little bit. I always like checking on the Referrer pages. Like lotís of other Diarylanders. Normally, itís nothing. Just the few people that have me linked in their favorites. But sometimes I get the random hit. Like this morning. Someone hit my site on SÝgte pŚ nettet efter "in a unitard". Which I think is strange. And foreign. Usually I get hits from people who spell things wrong. And are looking for enlightenment. And then someone who did a search of Diaryís in my town. Which are mostly high school students obsessed with suicide.

Other than that, well, I had chicken last night. Yum. With some peas and carrots. I donít like peas that much. I had to use extra butter to make them palatable. Extra Butter is good. Sheesh. I have nothing much to say. I still donít know about Portland. Iím going to call her this afternoon. Iím still looking for an apartment here in the bay area. In a more urban setting. Iíd like to get out of the suburbs I think. Pleasanton, while nice and, well, pleasant, is too vanilla for me. I need urban flavah. You know, because Iím down with all that. I think Iím just going through a crisis of the most bland proportions.

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