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2002-06-15 - 11:28 a.m.

Itís time for some Spring Cleaning. Which is a little bit late. But I have too many shoes and shirts. And slacks, shorts, socks, etc. You name it, I have too many. Except nipples and toes. Superfluous nipples and toes are gross. And I donít care if Iíve alienated a small percentage of the population. While Iím at it, I believe in evolution, contraception, education, socialized medicine, and that Americans are poor because they are either lazy or stupid. Iím not talking about immigrants because I actually feel that they are exploited. But anyone in our society could go to college. And better themselves. Some people just donít want to. I myself am not a college graduate. Because I was lazy. But I work hard. Very hard, and am not stupid, so Iím doing okay. I live in a crazy area that is ungodly expensive, but Iím making do, like everyone else. And I still manage to feed myself, drive a nice car, and dress appropriately. The cycle of poverty should be evolution in action, and people break out of it all the time. Feel free to email me. Iím feeling testy. So, anyway. Back to the cleaning. My closet and drawers are getting the high colonic of the year, with most of the stuff going to Goodwill. Or maybe St. Vincent DePaul. I havenít made up my mind yet. Itís good stuff. Iím a bit of a snob, which Iím sure comes to such a surprise to anyone who reads this regularly. I was a little embarrassed that some of the things Iím getting rid of have never been worn. And there are some work clothes and stuff. Maybe Iíll see if my sisterís boyfriend wants anything. They have a restrictive mortgage payment, which they are managing quite fine. Much better than I would ever do, Iím sure. Iím not good at difficulty, another shock to my faithful readers. Perhaps by donating name brand shoes and clothing that have been ďgentlyĒ used, some less than others, I can help that dedicated person fight to better himself. Or at least have something presentable to wear at a job interview. Iíll know Iíve failed however if I see a panhandler wearing A/X downtown. ďNO!Ē Iíll scream, horror on my face as he rinses out some dirty things in the civic fountain. ďThatís dry clean only!Ē.

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