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2002-07-06 - 11:42 a.m.

I had the bad haircut fixed. And they managed to keep some of the length. And I no longer resemble a German Businessman. Except for the potbelly. And the Aryan features. And the extra chin.

Iím going to dinner tonight with some friends of my parents. It was an odd, out of the blue invite. My sisters were also invited. It should be fun. They live in San Francisco, so I think Iíll go in early and do some shopping. I want to get something new for my room. Something sophisticated or arty. I currently have decorated with movie and concert posters. Plus a shelf of Pez Dispensers. And the glass collection. Itís too juvenile I think. Or maybe Iíve just been watching too much Trading Spaces. Iím just glad that the hair is fixed. It cost three times as much to fix. But it was worth it. Plus I got the scalp massage and the neck massage. And I bought a lot of products. Because I have a shopping addiction. And it was on sale. And it assuaged the guilt that I was feeling for getting the ďSupercutĒ.

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