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2002-09-03 - 11:17 p.m.

I signed up for Diary Survivor.

I was peer pressured into it. So, if anyone wants to start jumping off bridges, well, then, count me in. I also caved to life without television. And now have Direct TV. At the moment itís all set up and working, however the components and cables are running amok. It looks very bad. I need to get more cables though. So, itís going to continue in its slovenly state for at least another 24 hours. Or less. Because I canít have something looking like Blanche Dubois in my living room. Itís just not proper. It matches the Nascar tribute paper towels I have hidden under the sink. Richard Petty, if you must know.

I managed to do laundry. So I consider today a success, even though I did very little productive work today. Itís late, so Iím going to bed. I was going to go link happy. But now, well, consider it homework.

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