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2002-09-26 - 5:59 p.m.

Those of you who have read Weetabix’s diary know that I dressed in red and green today. It wasn’t intentional, it just kind of happened. I normally like to lay out what I’m wearing the night before, not usually trusting decisions made in haste the day of. Too many things can go wrong. A missing button or perhaps a color scheme that doesn’t go right. But I didn’t last night because I was too caught up watching television and generally mucking about doing nothing. Aside from Weetabix’s taunts via gay christmas card, phone and email messages capitalizing on my wardrobe insecurity, and then stealing my entry ideas. No one else seemed to notice the cheerful seasonal wardrobe. Probably because you can find christmas items in stores now. So, it worked out. Especially after lunch, where I enjoyed the finest of all you can eat Indian buffet for 7.95 and then smelled of cordovan for the rest of the day. And probably into tomorrow. But it was all worth it for a very tasty chicken marsala and tandori chicken. Lot’s of protein today folks. Not that it stopped the peristaltic process from doing it’s job. The strangest thing about the food is that post consumption, my friend and I stopped by the Geek Haven known as Fry’s Electronics where we perused all the essentials of Geek Life (video games, media, cheeto’s, porn) to kill time before going back to work. But while there, mocking the Mac nerds a strange thing was noticed. The food had given us a buzz. There was no better description. Both of us were high. I had no idea that curry could do that. Honestly, I had no logical explanation for the peace and giddiness that had come over me. We decided to leave after playing the dancing playstation machine, perhaps too rambunctiously and had picked up a security team. You can always tell the security teams in Fry’s by the fact that they look annoyed to be there, rather than the childish awe and wonder the average consumer there has. Of course, my high came crashing down in the afternoon, after several meetings and last minute orders to enter, leaving me with a headache and a wicked case of the munchies.

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