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2003-02-22 - 11:39 p.m.

I was torn between writing this and watching Saturday Night Live. As you no doubt guessed, this won out. But only because I donít have the capacity to appreciate mediocre sketch comedy.

I am thinking of leaving California. I donít know if Iíll actually be able to, but itís been on my mind for a while. Chicago and Boston were the forerunners in the relocation thoughts, but Iím open to other places. I want to live somewhere literate and mild with good public transit and broadband. This pretty much excludes the south. Well, maybe not Austin. I have heard that Austin and I might be a good fit, but I donít know. New Orleans also came up. But I have family near there. Very wealthy family and I refuse to live somewhere that I could be pitied for not having a trust fund that enables me to spend my days hunting on the bayou.

My mother wants me to come home to Utah and write a novel. This is motherspeak for come back and work for your father. I think that everyone expects me to do that. The only enviable thing about Utah is the many good friends I have there. Well, and the cost of living. My take on the cost of living is very much skewed by what it is in Urban California.

I was told to look at Charlotte, North Carolina at dinner this evening. Itís allegedly a very nice place packed with kind hearted southerners with deep accents and warm hearts. I think ice tea on the porch and insects with strange names. But it seems they do have some high tech industry.

I have no real idea on where I want to go, so there is no real plan at the moment. I donít even know what I want to do at the end of my term. What Iím doing now? Hardly not. In a perfect world I could move into SF, near my sister and her boyfriend. Maybe start a little shop selling whatever I felt like. With an espresso bar and some couches. A hang out. As long as I had enough for rent, light travel, and a car lease, I think Iíd be happy. I found myself actually thinking that money was overrated the other day. Iím sure itís only because I suddenly find myself without any, but the thought was a bit strange, at least for me. I cold cocked it, put it on a ship bound for Alaska to do some Salmon fishing, so Iím hoping it doesnít make it back. I have to guard against such things. Iíd hate to lose any more of my life tenets. Why, I might actually have to think Labels donít matter, or Saturn is a fun car. I wouldnít be me.

Iím thinking, no doubt along with the rest of you, that I should have watched Saturday Night Live instead.

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