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2003-02-24 - 9:04 p.m.

I worked 13 hours today. Because Iím stupid.

It was pouring rain this evening, and I decided not to go straight home, but instead enjoy the inclement weather by walking downtown to have some cheap takeout from a Korean place that I like. Also, I heard a rumor that they are building a bouldering and yoga gym nearby the Starbucks I like to patronize so I thought Iíd check it out. Itís not open yet. But soon it claimed. They didnít have any prices or anything but if I can join for the same monthly premium Iím giving to 24 Hour Iíll do it. Mostly for the Yoga. I went to a climbing gym a couple of years ago, never really got into it. I wrote an article about it though. Talked about the X Games and got some quotes. It was published in the paper. It was my final project for my Journalism class and the teacher loved it. I felt guilty because I made up all the quotes. But whoís to say my Grandmother wouldnít shout ďIn Your Face, CharlesĒ if she climbed the crack for the first time. So, I just need to go round during a more decent hour and see what the scoop is.

My Korean joint was closed, which was a touch strange as Iíve gone as late as 11 before and they were open. But feeling adventurous I stopped into Benís Fast Food. It was grungy from the outside, with ugly metal screens over the windows and cheep hand lettered signs on plywood advertising the specials, but inside was sparkling clean and very modern. The woman working behind the counter was very friendly seeming, with a warm smile and an accent so thick as to be almost intelligible, which I found out when I asked here what was good. I ended up with Vegetable Chow Mein and General Tsangís chicken. As she was tying up the plastic take away bag I asked for chopsticks, which made her beam and jabber at me again. She slipped them in with some extra napkins, which I thought was very amusing. I paid her and had to fumble in my bag to get out my change holder and so I slipped the bag onto the crook of my umbrella. The woman found this very amusing and laughed, calling into the back and gesturing at me. Her husband? came out to join her, and while he smiled and chuckled politely, it was by no means the belly laugh coming from the woman. She said something to me that I took to be You are a very funny white devil! but after a couple of repeats it seems I was to take a soda. I gave her a little bow and grabbed a Ginger Ale from the cooler next to the wall, which started the laughter again. I was feeling pretty good as I left there. Itís nice to feel like youíve made someoneís day brighter. I thought at the time she gave me the soda in return for amusing her so, but Iím just now thinking it probably came with my meal. It doesnít really matter. I would have liked to eat in the park, but the rain and the curfew (to keep the Homeless from camping) prevented that. The food is all right, but the whole experience of getting it makes it taste better. The incident also let me put the dayís bad taste out of my mind, and along with the Advil I took when I got home has melted the tension in my neck away.

Iím going to bed early, so I can get up and do it all over again. Hopefully there will be another happy Asian woman at the end of tomorrow.

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