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2003-06-22 - 10:30 p.m.

I am no longer bitter. I had to relinquish the bitterist title because, well, there are far more bitter people out there. And it was ruining my complexion.

My life is very different, in the month that I've taken off. Three weeks, what have you. Time is kind of different now. I was feeling all disconnected and strange for a while, but now I'm thinking it's time to get back into life. Yes, re-insert myself into it and stop whining about what was.

I have done some very stupid things, and learned some valuable lessons. Or so I like to think. I would type up about my weekend, but it doesn't just involve me, I spent the weekend with Weetabix, Jen, and Mo and many were the arguements of who loved who more. And who would be wed, fucked, or die. In the end, there was no rice thrown, no condoms disposed of, no wakes to attend. Except for the dirge of Weet leaving on Saturday night, things moved progressivly forward. Drowning13 was also along for some of the ride. I wouldn't have been able to say Life is Good before this weekend. Thankfully, afterwards, I can.

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