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2004-05-20 - 7:01 p.m.

I am so tired at this point. Just tired. Not of everything, just most things. Itís a strange place to live ones life from really. Iím not frustrated. Just saturated.

I donít manage very well. Iím much better at being told what to do rather than the actual telling. I suppose itís good that I know this about myself.

Yesterday I dealt with the strangest people. People that were indicative of this culture that I find myself a part of now. I include myself because I am in a place where I understand the context of the people around me on a deeper level. Unlike California where I reveled in the diversity and the way things were done. Here, though I may not like them, I understand them. Itís all a matter of perspective. I have no idea what this paragraph means. So, moving on, yet back, Yesterday I dealt with the strangest assortment of people. Itís not like the circus was in town and they wanted their cars painted or anything. Maybe it was that the cable was out and the local channels were not broadcasting Springer. Or there was a special sale at Wal*Mart and since Iím on the way home, hell, letís have the car looked at. I donít have the answers. I only deal with the results.

Of poor life choices.

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