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2004-07-14 - 5:25 p.m.

I am not political. I know that most people who say such things usually have a bumper of action on their Jettas, filled with stickers stating whatever cause du jour is making the rounds of the MTV crowd. Iím just disgusted with everything. Political disenfranchising is the norm however. Actually, isnít political disenfranchising the cause du jour of the moment?

Okay, so there was a very long, very passionate rant about the political system and how I felt about living in a country that feels they can legalize discrimination but the power went out thanks to the construction next door and the above paragraph was all the Windows could recover. Which is probably for the best. I donít need any controversial spouting on the Internet. Words that no doubt will come back to haunt me when I am a conservative Republican running for public office in this state on a platform of big government. Or perhaps Baz Lurman would set the words to music and I would become a ubiquitous pop culture trivia question attributed to Janene Garafalo or David Sedaris and finally dethroning that guy from Sandy who has become a million dollar Jeopardy winner. Which is front-page news here. Yup. Nothing about the Tour de France. Nothing about whatís going on in Iraq, with the exception of a blurb about the marine that was kidnapped then released. Which takes precedent over the suicide bombing that killed the new Governor. No, we have a story about some china that was lost in South Dakota but then miraculously was recovered years later. Front. Page. It was our Senatorís wife, so, you know, that made it special. They could have used it to segue into his stance of the defense of marriage act (which, Iím sorry, the title alone is inflammatory) or even something about the upcoming election. But no. Heís just thankful to God that the china made it back. Iím sure they all stood around admiring the china with the community around them, as a little bell rang on a tree.

Iím not very friendly today. I actually havenít been all week. Itís been such a strange one. At least itís hump day. Which always increases my stress instead of the slow slide into the weekend. I usually hurtle towards it with my safety gear not really in place and collide with it, leaving me stunned well into Saturday afternoon.

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