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2004-08-18 - 8:57 p.m.

Today I worked out of the Ogden Location as opposed to my own. It was pitched as a mini vacation to help reduce my stress by spending time at a shop where I didn't have to worry myself ill about things. So, I worried myself ill about Layton. Good Times.

I have many, many things to do in order to leave town at a very ungodly hour Friday morning. Which reminds me, I get into Baltimore Airport at like 2pm assuming my flight is on time. If anyone is going to Journalcon and would like to share a cab, then drop me an email. Otherwise I might take a shuttle. It's not a plan set in cement, which is causing me a little bit of worry. I like to have everything locked down before I travel. It's one of my quirks. Another is that I must travel with new underwear. It's a strange fetish that I have no idea the beginnings of. Only virgin drawers will do however. I did manage to get that off my list of things to do, so now it's only several A4 pages long.

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