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2005-04-08 - 11:04 a.m.

The other night I was going through papers and things trying to find some old statements and I came across my writing portfolio for the last class I took at City College. The class was on memoir writing and I enjoyed up until the point where I was gang banged by a horde of angry homosexuals for being a misogynist. It was unpleasant, and I feel unfair. I left the class soon after, to return here to Utah, where the original story took place. Anyway, there were some other things Iíd written there, and they are actually not bad. My friend Wendy has been very supportive of what Iíd written and I might post a couple of them here, if only because Iím lazy and a free entry is, well, a free entry. Woohoo!

I enjoy being rewarded for laziness. It happens so very little.

Tonight Iím hosting a little dinner party. I suppose it would be classified as an intimate gathering as itís only three other people and myself. Well, two adults, one child. We will be enjoying some vegetarian comfort food and then attempting to build a Lego space station. Or just mess around. The last time I threw an intimate dinner party we ended up playing with my collection of action figures, or rather, going through the shoe box they were kept in and reminiscing about the favorite toys of our youth. Iím looking forward to tonightís building extravaganza. I still have to go purchase all the items for dinner, and fold laundry, which is not good. I was going to do it last night, but the wind and rain were awesome and I just curled up in bed, cocooned in blankets and enjoyed the storm raging outside. And then I repeated it this morning, until I was nearly late for work. Which thankfully has been slow due to the inclement weather and freeing me up to not having a stressful afternoon. I also, and Iím blaming the time change for this, because I can this week, and this week only, thought that it was only Wednesday last night and that I had another day to get everything organized. It was a little unpleasant surprise this morning, which now actually is turning out to be a pleasant one. Itís Friday!

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