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2006-05-27 - 8:25 a.m.

I saw XMen 3 last night.

It was terrible.

I don't have any idea why Ben Foster was in it, the promos, and talked up. He was on screen like 1 minute tops, and was merely a empty plot point that really needed to be excised by editing as it didn't matter.

I had no expectations, except for special effects which were bad. Too little Mystique, a bizzare Patrick Stewart with the age CGI'd out of him, and creating a whole cast of characters with the sole purpose of killing them off where other flaws that annoyed me about the film.

There was a tranny mutant who could send shockwaves that was pretty sweet, and I liked Kelsey Grammer, but really, this one was lacking in my opinion.

However, it will make money. Probably obscene amounts of it, and thus ensuring Brett Rattner will continue to work.

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