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2006-06-28 - 4:46 p.m.

I got bit by another bee yesterday. This would make for two stings. I think it's because I only ate sugar yesterday. And now, I've got dah'betes and will have to walk. Or lose my leg.

Which, the sting is not looking right. The area around it is a hard lump, about golf ball size and is running a fever, at least, when I touch it, there is actual warmth there. And then, in an area the size of my hand, we've got a blemish hive like area that itches feircely whenever my shorts brush against it.

I'm not comfortable, despite the aspirin and the aspercream and the other various rememdies I've tried. Tomorrow morning, should there be no break in sight, I'm going to the clinic, because I can't take another day of this.

I would go tonight, but I couldn't leave work, and now I can't make it into the clinic but instead would have to go to the Emergency Room. Also, I have plans tonight.

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