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2006-09-20 - 01:00

Well, I was in Chicago this weekend past, and the question that it seems I never answered was concerning my home.

Yes, I am a proud home owner.

There was a party. Weetabix surprised me with a visit. I immediately put her to work. Or rather, my mother put her to work. However, nothing says friendship like kitchen painting. And not judging my color pallette, even when I am. I was rather happy to finally host Ms Bix in my home state. And while I was not a very good host, what with the working and the moving in, it was still awesome to have someone visit. And the parting was really not sad at all, because come Friday I'd see her again, along with other friends that I've not seen in a long time.

And Bleagh.

I'm very out of practice. I'm thinking that it's going to take me a little while to get the groove back. Hopefully without a younger black pool boy. Though I think at that point someone would owe someone a coke.

Back to Chicago. It's a hell of a town. I had a very good time. I sang with a live band on a stage in front of a crowd. Live Band Karaoke is indescribable. I was terrified and thrilled at the same time. Sang my heart out and clutched onto the mike as if my life depended on it. It was also 100 degrees and I was wearing a sweater. Ah the foolish things we do. I wouldn't change any minute of it. That was Friday evening, after a late lunch of bacon wrapped shrimp at Uncle Julio's and a cheese tasting even at B36 plus watching poor Kayne get eliminated on Project Runway. Friday was a very busy day.

Saturday was also busy, with the museum and some shopping, talk of doing the Segway Tour but ultimately backing out, trying on 4" heels for my Halloween Costume (as well as practicing the walking) lunch at Ralph Lauren, where the Hamburger is, well, perfection. It was a busy day. And a slightly less busy night, but fun nonetheless. Dancing to the songs of my youth, having an Italian fight with Mare, and then it was Sunday.

I really should write more. I'll work on that.

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