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2006-10-10 - 6:10 p.m.

I had to give up my cell phone this afternoon so my Dad would be reachable. He'd left his at home this morning. I'm not really happy about this development, because it's my phone. It's personal. It's like my email, which my parents are constantly giving out to people then act affronted when they want to log in. Uh, no. I'm not even apologizing.

I just hope my roommates havn't sent me any text messages. Picture messages. Spoken with him. They shock me, most of the time. And I'm, well, definitely not my father. Ah well.

I ate Chicken Fried Steak for lunch today, and am paying for it currently with wicked heartburn. I'll be stopping at the Super Target on my way home to pick up pepcid, and perhaps max out a credit card on something unnecesary and impulsive. I'm in that kind of mood. Or maybe I'll jump in the Saab and drive all night to Vegas where I will bet all of the rent money on black, to turn around again and make it just in time to open up the store again. Will I be richer for the experience? Who is to say.

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