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2007-01-19 - 9:13 a.m.

There is no accounting for taste. I learn this nearly every day in the auto refinishing business. And, while I used to make fun of Canadian's for putting really ugly stripe packages on thier cars, American's have thier own quirks as well. Mainly with color choices. And pearls. The Mexican's have thier metallics, and we'll have our pearls.

It's very cold. This morning I tried to spray the frost off a car and basically coated it in a bulletproof layer of ice. Good times. I've also got a Diesel truck on the back lot that basically has Jell-O in the tanks. Hopefully it will heat up enough to pull it inside this afternoon. It's expected to get into the mid 20's today.

Tonight I'm seeing my first Sundance film of the year. It's the premier of Fido, a heartwarming tale of a boy and his zombie. I might try to get into the shorts program on Sunday. I like the shorts, and there really isn't much of an opportunity to see them around here once they are gone from Sundance. Although they are putting some online this year, as well as on iTunes, which is nice.

This christmas past I signed up for Napster to Go, and yesterday my new MP3 player arrived so I can actually take the songs I download along with me. I'm interested in how this will all play out. I still have my Gen3 iPod as well as my Video iPod. And now the Samsung. I have been playing with the subscription service that Napster offers for a couple weeks now, and I'm thinking it's almost a better business model. I like the fact that I can try anything out before I buy it, and all for the cost of one CD a month. What I've done has been to check it out then purchase on iTunes. I think I'll still go that route, although we shall see. I've downloaded a bunch of things that I already had on iTunes and in my CD collection, but it was convenient to do so.

Oh my god, I just put myself to sleep. I apologize.

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