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2007-03-24 - 7:57 p.m.

I keep pissing people off. It's like some strange super power I seem to have these days. Go me.

There has been much ridiculousness at work, with people and their cars and the various things that go with working in the service industry.

And I'm very short tempered, and under a little bit of stress, which probably has a lot to do with the constant pissing people off.

The other day I decided that there was much to be done, and that really I don't have time. I kind of want to go to Fat Camp, but for adults. Not in some biggest loser kind of way, but rather some hard core boot camp. It was suggested that I just join the army, as the length of time I'm considering is similar in structure. I don't know if the army and I are a good fit. But it is tempting. I've been looking around for local area boot camps, or fitness retreats, but my Google skills are no longer what they used to be, or maybe my skills are merely average and thus the advertising and marketing people know how to thwart my various searches. It's kind of frustrating to get the same results over and over, no matter what I type. It's a metaphor for my entire life! I want to shout, and then go sulk in my room listening to emo music and updating bad poetry on MySpace.

I guess the real appeal of going to an adult fat camp is that I don't have to worry about things, they will (in theory) do all that for me. And I have nothing to do but show up and lose weight. I have such apathy towards everything, so just having to show up and go through what people tell me is very appealing. I wouldn't have to worry about interuptions or having bad days or even people's cars. Which is kind of amusing, since my biggest complaint in life right now seems to be a lack of control. I think it's just I want that outside control to be productive.

I don't know, I'm just babbling, near incoherently into this white update box. Perhaps I'll go do some more useless googling.

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